Welcome to Obscura Creative Studio !

Obscura Creative Studio (formerly PhotoFrank) has written history on the island of Paros since 1995.
Our core values - customer respect, professional reliability, high quality services and affordable costs - are completed and refined! We offer you incredible features and benefits such as ..
high quality digital photo printing in all available formats and media, incredible digital image processing speed and instant service, additional features of complex and professional digital edits, affordable cost!

We undertake all kinds of photography specializing in Architectural Photography (villas, airbnb, hotels etc) , Gastronomy (food and restaurant photography). In our studio you can print your photos, make your own digital albums and digital frames and find whatever is related to the photo. In addition we have a photo studio for identity and passport photos as well as for studio photographs.

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Tel: +30 2284042163


Marpissa, Paros