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Fragiskos Kefalas

Born in 1969 in Athens. He has been living in Paros since 1993, keeping his own photographic studio  in  Marpissa of Paros.

He has been creative with artistic photography, while he has been professionally worked in photographic portraits, promotional photography , wedding and baptism pictures.

He has attended seminars on: Ryan & Jessica Schembri, as well as David Beckstead  and  Jerrt Ghionis , some of the most important and award-winning Wedding photographers in the world.

The reasons for his love for  photography are the particular dimension of the relationship between photography and time, the sense that the camera lens captures movement, dominates and dominates at the right time.

The photographic themes that he  prefer are landscapes and pictures through everyday life, images that can meet you on the road, pictures like a landscape, a beautiful face, an old man on an old plaster, nature contrasts that are unnoticed among us, the magic of all this lies in their discovery. Images with photographic media can give incredible thrill the viewer.

In his latest exhibition he plays with technology! Changing details on his photos by giving them a new dimension! The subject is free and presents his works entitled “Moments of Inspiration”


◊ ” Colours & Shadows of Aegean ” , Marpissa, Paros, 2005

◊ ” Moments of Inspiration ” ,  Marpissa , Paros 2006